[Wii] 傳送到電腦備份及分享你的Mii - Mii Mega-Mall

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備份 Mii 到電腦/還原 Mii 到 Wii

利用 Mii Mega - Mall ,就可以利用Wii Remote 使用藍牙去備份你製作的Mii。更棒的是可以去下載玩家製作的Mii 哦!


Mii Mega-Mall Download Area

Verson 2.0 Just Released!

January 13, 2007

The Mii Mega-Mall is a Windows® application that allows you to browse multiple online-collections of Mii. Once you've found a Mii that you'd like to have, it allows you to download that Mii onto your PC. From you PC, you can transfer it to your Wii remote. From you Wii remote, you can put it in your Mii Plaza on your Wii.

Likewise, if you have Mii that you'd like to share with the world, it allows you to transfer Mii from your Wii remote to your PC. Once on your PC, you can then upload them to the Mii Mega-Mall for all to enjoy!

Application features include:

  • Mii Preview (view before you download) New!
  • Image Uploading (now you can upload a pic of your mii) New!
  • Rating System (vote for your favorites) New!
  • Community Policing (mark inappropriate content for system action) New!
  • Column Sorting (sort by columns for improved browsing options) New!
  • Built-in RSS capabilities
  • Download Mii from the Mega-Mall
  • Multiple simultaneous downloads
  • Transfer downloaded Mii to your wiimote (using Bluetooth)
  • Copy Mii from your wiimote to your PC (using Bluetooth)
  • Upload your own Mii to the Mii Mega-Mall to share with others

Download Mii-MegaMall(version 2.0).

Requires the dotnet 2.0 framework to run. If you don't have it, you can download it here.

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